Are there any prerequisites for this course?
You should have a good background in basic probability, statistics, and algebra. You should also be comfortable in programming preferably with Python.
Are there any specializations?
No. There are no specializations. It’s a free course that teaches you basic deep learning.
Is the course paid?
No, it is completely free.
What should I come with?
Come with a notebook to take notes and a computer to code along. Programming (including Machine Learning) is best learnt by coding.
What is the duration of the course?
It’s a one-day course and will last for about 8 hours.
What kind of support can I expect?
The tutor will guide you and answer whatever questions you may have during the duration of this course. Students are also encouraged to form communities/study groups using WhatsApp or Slack to learn more and encourage one another.
Is this course conducted online or in person?
This course is mixed with an in person tutorship and online contents including videos and blog posts.